How to Take Care of Your Leather Wallet?

Leather wallets attract men universally because of its incredible appeal and classic style. Another advantage of having a leather wallet is that it can last decades, provided you take care of it properly. Also, proper maintenance goes a long way, allowing your leather wallet to age gracefully, while demonstrating your true character. To help you make the most out of your leather wallet, here are a few useful tips:

Avoid over-stuffing at all costs

When we have wallets, we tend to stuff if with dozens of cards, receipts, photos, and other small items of importance. The problem with this habit is that it makes your wallet fatter than usual, which has a negative impact on its overall appearance. As you stretch the leather, you can’t make it go back to its original shape.

The best way to maintain the shape of your wallet is to keep only the essentials. Also, remove all unnecessary receipts, coupons, and business cards, every two weeks.

Never sitting on your leather wallet

When you keep your wallet in your back pocket, it affects your health negatively. On top of that, you are applying a lot of constant pressure regularly, which doesn’t bode well with your leather wallet. Keep your leather wallet in your front or side pockets so that it is free from unwarranted pressure.

How to clean your leather wallet?

Regardless of how you take care of your wallet, it is bound to gather dirt and stains over time. However, don’t worry because you can get rid of it without facing any hassles. Simply wet a cloth and wipe away the dirt and stains. Avoid using detergents and soaps as it will damage the leather.

Restoring dry leather wallet

When your leather wallet gets dry, you will start noticing cracks on it. To allow your wallet to get back its smooth texture, you will have to provide it with moisture. You can use any leather solution, cream, wax, and oil to bring it back to its former glory.

Drying wet leather wallet

When you get stuck in the rain, your leather wallet will get wet. If you don’t remove the moisture as soon as possible, your wallet is in serious trouble. All you need to do is wipe it with a dry cloth and allow it to remove the moisture naturally at room temperature. You should never resort to speed drying as it will create wrinkles.

Use these tips as the basis for taking care of your leather wallet!

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